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Free First Aid for Environmental Law Decisions

Do you disagree with a decision? And would you like an explanation of the decision or to know what you can do? If you fill in the contact form , you will receive a free explanation of the meaning of the decision and the procedure, for example, in case of objection or appeal.

Some examples of decisions or announcements of decisions to which Aids apply:

  • zoning plans
  • Invitation to information evening
  • Possibility of submitting a view
  • Fine decision
  • Environmental permit or (draft) environmental permit
  • Refusal of an application
  • Permits in the area of water, soil, nature, etc.

HABITAT-START appointment€ 550,- (incl.21% BTW)

You would like advice on the question "what next...?".

What does the HABITAT-START mean exactly?

  • Gesprek met een gespecialiseerde jurist via telefoon of TEAMS (bezoek/bezichtiging ter plaatse is mogelijk tegen meerprijs)
  • Discussion of obstacles and opportunities for success
  • Global study of file documents
  • Discussing case histories
  • Calling a government agency to obtain crucial further information
  • Formulating objective and approach
  • Advice follow-up trajectory
  • Advice on group organisation and financing
  • Content-related tips & tricks
  • Fixed price regardless of time required

HABITAT - Berth check€ 575,- (incl.21% BTW)

Since new laws and regulations for houseboats came into effect on 1 January 2018, zoning plans have been amended and tightened everywhere in the Netherlands. A number of municipalities even take active action against unlicensed situations. With the HABITAT | LIGPLAATSCHECK you are ahead of the municipality.

The HABITAT | LIGPLAATSCHECK maps out the legal (im)possibilities of a specific mooring and what you should pay attention to as owner, occupant, tenant, potential buyer or seller. The aim: to provide a realistic picture of the legal situation and risks. And if you are at risk, we will of course also tell you what possible follow-up steps you can take. Go for certainty... Do the check!

HABITAT - Tackling nuisance AIRBNB rentals.€ 450 (incl.21% VAT)

Holiday rentals in your building through an intermediary such as Airbnb or Wimdu can be a source of inconvenience for other flat owners. The board or a member of the VVE can take this first step quickly, cheaply and concretely!

What you get for this amount:

  • Proper problem and fact finding
  • Legal check of the relevant VVE regulations applicable to you
  • Formulation and discussion of a concrete step-by-step plan
  • An initial letter of application, if required
  • Insight into the process risk and cost estimate for an enforcement action

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HABITAT - Do it yourself

Attending a hearing before the administrative courts yourself

This brochure explains the procedure of a hearing before the administrative courts.

The topics that will be dealt with:

  • Request for a preliminary injunction
  • Planning of the hearing
  • Preparation of the hearing
  • Who you will meet at the hearing
  • During the hearing
  • After the hearing
  • Useful tips

> Download the brochure (pdf)

Draw up an enforcement request yourself

Are you experiencing a nuisance or annoyance? Then it is possible to request the competent authority to put a stop to it. With this handy tool, you can easily draw up your own enforcement request. By filling in a form, a customised enforcement request is compiled. You can then easily edit it in Microsoft Word.

> Create a free enforcement request *

* The model for the enforcement request is intended for private individuals. Companies, foundations and associations are requested to contact us first.
Bedrijven, stichtingen en verenigingen verzoeken wij eerst contact us.

Quick-scan processtuk€ 325,- (incl. 21% BTW)

If you have written a view, a notice of objection or a (higher) appeal, it may be reassuring to have an experienced lawyer from our office read along with you and act as a sounding board for you when you have (nearly) finished writing your own documents. This only concerns decisions relating to environmental law. If you have any doubts, please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can expect us to:

  • Assess the decision
  • Read your draft carefully as we are provided with it
  • Give you tips on the structure of the text/use of language
  • Check whether the draft is clear and well-organised
  • Check whether you will be sending the right appendices
  • Check whether your pain points are sufficiently clear in your draft
  • Point out omissions

Coach-afspraak€ 149,- (incl. 21% BTW)

Do you need tips for your appearance before the municipality or the court? We will gladly give you tips & tricks to be prepared.

The coach appointment consists of:

  • Telephone conversation of half an hour with a lawyer
  • Pleading or not?
  • Do’s and don’ts

When can you order a Coach-appointment?

  • Speaking at an information evening
  • Appearance before an objections committee
  • Appear before the administrative judge of a court of law
  • Acting before the Council of State

HABITAT – MKB-Bedrijfslocatiecheck € 750,- (excl. 21% BTW)

De juiste locatie is van essentieel belang voor het succes van uw bedrijf. Daarom hebben we de MKB-bedrijfslocatiecheck ontwikkeld, die zich richt op een breed scala aan cruciale juridische aspecten die van invloed zijn op het gebruik van bedrijfslocaties.

De MKB-bedrijfslocatiecheck is maatwerk, dus wij stellen deze op naar uw wensen. Wel checken wij altijd het bestemmingsplan, de structuurvisie en relevante milieuregelgeving. Wij brengen de bestaande juridische locatie-aspecten en omgevingsgevoeligheid zo goed mogelijk voor u in kaart. Zo nodig worden daarbij ook handhavingsrisico’s in kaart gebracht. Zo kunt u weloverwegen beslissingen maken en juridische risico’s minimaliseren.