Keizersgracht 62, 1015 CS Amsterdam




HABITAT lawyers

We are a growing law firm located in a beautiful and centrally located monumental building on the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam. We don't like ranks and positions; every team member is equally important to the success of the firm. Growth means a setting in which we are constantly reinventing ourselves, tackling challenges and helping our clients. We work at the interface of administrative and civil law. A broad pallet, truly 'never a dull moment'. Check our websites at www.habitatconnect.nl for more detailed information.

Onze teamgenoten beschikken over uiteenlopende expertises, wat het elke dag weer interessant en leerzaam maakt. Vanzelfsprekend werken wij zelfstandig en helemaal digitaal, plaats onafhankelijk in een hybride setting, dus naar eigen wens thuis en op kantoor. Ons kantoor zien wij in de eerste plaats als onze ontmoetingsplaats voor het team en onze cliënten.

At the moment, we do not have a concrete vacancy open. But if our office appeals to you, you can always send us an enthusiastic open application for a job in our helpdesk. Who knows, it might just 'fall into a pot'.

Lawyers with their own practice in our specialist area, but with a need for more 'together', we would like to invite you to an initial confidential exploration.

Acquisition is not appreciated.