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Woodburning: nuisance from wood-burning stoves and fireplaces

Overlast door rook en stank

Smoke and stench

The use of fireplaces, ambient fires, all-purpose burners and central heating systems fuelled by wood burning is normal in our country, but the nuisance experienced by local residents is attracting increasing attention nationwide. The use of open fires also causes a great deal of air pollution through particulate matter, but existing regulations do not allow for restrictions. Only in extreme situations can an attempt be made to limit or stop the serious nuisance experienced, via administrative law or civil law action. The stove industry is active in providing information about optimal heating behaviour so that nuisance can be kept to a minimum.

What does HABITAT do?

HABITAT advises a national platform of the Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment and other national parties such as the RIVM, GGD and Lungfonds on a problem inventory and finding a legal approach to counteracting nuisance from fireplaces.

In ongoing administrative and civil law cases, HABITAT searches for the legal boundaries to tackle concrete serious nuisance situations. HABITAT works together with technical consultancies to provide evidence of the extent of the nuisance for the residents concerned.

In this way, HABITAT builds up knowledge and experience that is used in assessing and dealing with nuisance situations caused by fireplaces.

HABITAT has contributed to the Wood Smoke Platform. (Platform Houtrook)