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Real estate consulting

 Real estate consulting

Vastgoedadvies: de juridisch toegestane gebruiksmogelijkheden van vastgoed in kaart gebracht.


Real estate consulting: mapped the legally permitted uses of real estate.
Decisions about investing in land and buildings are directly related to the answer to the question of what possibilities for using a certain property are available at the time of the purchase decision, both under private law (rent and lease) and under administrative law (spatial planning and the environment). If there is an Owners' Association (VVE), then the functioning of the VVE and the regulations associated with it are discussed.

There may also be opportunities or potential in the future to change or expand the existing legally permitted use, which could significantly increase the value of the property. For example, redevelopment through demolition and new construction or the division and/or transformation of office space into homes.

Particularly when acquiring land positions, the question arises of the likelihood that new construction opportunities will (be) made possible in the future, such as infill and expansion locations for housing, redevelopment locations and new business parks.

What does HABITAT do?

HABITAT moves flexibly across the borderlines between legal areas associated with living, working and life. When purchasing real estate, the (future) possibilities for use under private law and administrative law are important for a purchase and/or development decision. Real estate advice at the start of the process prevents unpleasant surprises and extra costs and hassle at a later stage.

Real estate advice on the existing legal situation is important. But the existing private law and administrative law possibilities for use do not always match, so that a permission or possibility in one jurisdiction cannot be used because of a restriction in the other jurisdiction. Such discrepancies should have consequences for the purchase price.

In practice, for example, restrictions in leasehold or rental conditions do not match wider zoning possibilities. Or, the other way round, the lease contains more possibilities for use than are permitted in a zoning plan, so that you as lessor may be liable in enforcement proceedings. Or the transformation of an office into a hotel, for which a possibly difficult zoning change has to be gone through in order to successfully integrate the planned hotel into an existing residential environment.

With its real estate consulting service, HABITAT maps out together with you the legal possibilities of use and potential of the specific case, in mutual coherence between the different legal areas. HABITAT also accompanies a potential follow-up trajectory, advises on a follow-up approach to obtaining governmental permissions and conducts legal proceedings if necessary.