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A change in the residential environment, for example, the arrival of new buildings, new infrastructure, wind turbines or new business activities often leads to concern among several neighbours about the deterioration of the existing residential and living environment, frustration about the course of events and concern about the remaining value of one's own home.

Local residents get together and a lot of energy is put into opposing the intervention, often as an action group with a core of active people directly involved and a larger group of supporters. These may be united in a foundation or association. Information evenings are attended, local government and political parties are approached and sometimes it is possible to participate as a neighbour in a project or sounding board group. In some cases, the aim of local residents is to prevent the intervention, to stop it or to block it for as long as possible. In other situations, local residents want the new initiative to fit in optimally with the existing environment and are looking for consultation in order to arrive at an optimal situation together. Although usually difficult for initiators and local authorities, such actions regularly have a corrective effect.

HABITAT supports!

Setting up a successful group action involves many things that need to be arranged. The group organisation itself is essential, whether or not in the form of an association or foundation. The dossier formation and communication among themselves and externally with, for example, a website must be considered and sufficient financial budget must be generated to cover organisational and legal costs. A clear view of the substantive and procedural legal and political aspects of a case is very important to be able to exert influence in a targeted and timely manner and not to waste time, energy and costs on irrelevant matters. Participating in a form of citizen participation offers opportunities, but can also lead to a lot of frustration if the setting is not clear.

HABITAT supports and advises you on all these aspects and, if requested, acts as a sounding board and director for the targeted organisation of a group and the implementation of a group action.

Share the costs!

It is often difficult for people living in the vicinity of a worrisome initiative to generate sufficient budget for professional support. In practice, we see that the willingness to bear costs depends on the extent to which the contested intervention will affect their own personal living environment.

With HABITAT-COLLECTIVE we put our experience at your disposal for the necessary fundraising, agreements with legal aid insurers and the use of subsidised (environmental) legal aid.


Some of the groups that have gone before you:

Current major collectives


> See the list of HABITAT collectives

COLLECTIVE RIDING HALL - Improving integration of private riding stables in rural areas and tightening the zoning plan

COLLECTIVE VARKENSFLAT - Combating intensive livestock farming

COLLECTIVE WINDPARK - Opposing wind farm

COLLECTIVE PLAYPARK - Tackling traffic and parking problems

COLLECTIVE REVELATION KWEKERIJ - Counteracting extensive dwelling and garden complex on former nursery grounds

COLLECTIVE BEEMSTER - Opposing house building within World Heritage area

COLLECTIVE CAR PAINT SHOP - counteracting car paint shop at neighbouring houses

COLLECTIVE NOORDERWEG - Addressing goat farming nuisance

COLLECTIVE BUSINESS AREA - Counteracting business opportunities on industrial estate near residential area

COLLECTIVE BEACH - Counteracting extensive development of catering establishments in extensive day recreation area

COLLECTIVE TREEWORKS - Counteracting business development in tree nurseries

COLLECTIVE CITY HEATING - Compensation scheme for construction of district heating pipes

COLLECTIVE HOUSING BOATS - Combating eviction of houseboats

COLLECTIVE ZANDERIJ - Countering the redevelopment of valuable sandy soil into a private garden

COLLECTIVE INSINGERSTRAAT SOEST - solving nuisance situation by a company

COLLECTIVE HIGH-voltage MAARSSEN - litigation against upgrading of high-voltage lines

COLLECTIVE BP TELGTER ENG - preventing unnecessary arrival of sports ground in sensitive rural area

COLLECTIVE DE HALLEN - reaching a negotiating position in the planning for the redevelopment of the old tram depot

COLLECTIVE HOKATEX - combating improper implementation of ongoing soil remediation

COLLECTIVE BERGWEGBOS - critical of the integration of new housing developments in urban green spaces

COLLECTIVE NEIGHBOURS OF ARTIS - concerns about the quality of the living environment

COLLECTIVE RIJNLANDERWEG - improving the integration of a large-scale dredging depot

COLLECTIVE ZUIDEINDE VOLENDAM - action for optimal traffic and access control

COLLECTIVE JAN BOUWMEESTERSTRAAT - discussion partner in redevelopment of residential area

COLLECTIVE GREEN STREET WG-OOST - protecting urban green space

COLLECTIVE PARKING SLOTERVAART - litigation over new parking regulations in residential area

COLLECTIVE DE VIJSEL - improving the integration of a hotel in the existing residential area

COLLECTIVE G.METSUSTRAAT - resolving neighbourhood nuisance

COLLECTIVE GASOPSLAG BERGERMEER - pooling concerns and consultation with TAQA on noise nuisance, earthquake risk and encroachment on natural values

COLLECTIVE SWIMMING POOL OMVAL - counteracting nuisance floating pool construction

COLLECTIVE CIRCUIT VENRAY - agreeing on construction and use of race track

COLLECTIVE BP ZONSTRAAT - fitting new housing development into existing residential environment

COLLECTIVE KANAALDIJK WATERGANG - litigating the consequences of a road modification

COLLECTIVE KLEINJAN - counteracting traffic nuisance caused by company

COLLECTIVE MIDDENLAAN DOORN - limit loss of urban green space by new housing development

COLLECTIVE N243 - collecting objections from local residents about the redesign of the provincial road

COLLECTIVE RONDWEG VOORTHUIZEN - litigation and political influence against new ring road

COLLECTIVE WESTFRISIAWEG - objections to the redevelopment of traffic infrastructure

COLLECTIVE SLUISJESDIJK - countering vibration caused by freight traffic

COLLECTIVE NIMMER DOR - preserving the habitat of little owls

COLLECTIVE OPEN AIR - action against the harmful effects of open-air events

COLLECTIVE NIEUW REIJERWAARD - Incorrect decision making about advent of business park

COLLECTIVE BUSINESS AREA LEERSUM - protecting the badger habitat