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Environmental law

What is environmental law?

"Environmental law is largely a mirror of society;
this one too is complex."

(Ulrich Beck, Towards a New Modernity, SAGE publications 1992)

Environmental law regulates the physical environment in which we live. This includes the environment, water, nature and especially spatial planning. Environmental law is an area of law that continually evolves. Unlike other areas of law (such as the Civil Code, for example), it changes regularly. From the Hinderwet (Dutch Environment Act) in the 1970s to the Wet milieubeheer (Dutch Environmental Management Act) in the 1990s, it was restructured this century by the Wet algemene bepalingen omgevingsrecht (Wabo) (General Provisions for Environmental Law) and a new legislative process has already started for the Omgevingswet (Environment Act).

In addition to the fact that environmental law is often subject to change, it is also complex because, despite the simplification of a great deal of legislation, regulations will always be needed for all the individual technical aspects, such as noise, air, light, water, vibration, nature, external safety, etc. Because environmental law is in such a state of flux and consists of various sub-areas, it is of great added value that our firm specializes exclusively in environmental law.