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Environmental Management

Environmental Management

Avoids protracted legal proceedings

In many cases, three types of parties are involved in the application and implementation of a building plan or the transformation of an existing building to another use. The initiator wants to realise something. The government can - if possible - grant the necessary permission and local residents are often concerned about the consequences for the existing quality of life.
Our office supports initiators in obtaining the necessary administrative decision-making and support from local residents.

We know what concerns initiators and local residents may have and we know how to deal with them, how to build cooperation and how to organise and carry out discussions with the government. We also know what the legal playing field is and what this can mean for the implementation and integration of your initiative.

To be successful together, the constructive contribution of all parties involved - initiator, government and neighbourhood - and an environment manager who is responsible for the process of cooperation, is needed. If it succeeds, it will give all those involved an enormous "kick" and you, as the initiator, will be helped with a sustainable solution, without protracted legal procedures that can cost a lot of time and money.

And if agreements are reached between the parties, these agreements must be clearly laid down in terms of content, either in a settlement agreement or in regulations as part of a government authorisation.

The role of the lawyer as an environmental manager differs with this work from the classic task conception of an exclusively litigating - and legally advising - lawyer. But the added value has already been evident for many of our clients.

So work towards a real solution, if the parties can do so and without losing sight of the applicable law and legal certainty.


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