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Mohamed Abdelkader

Mohamed Abdelkader – Lawyer

An approach towards the best possible result, that's where it all starts for Mohamed. Translating the case or request for help into your legal position, in the face of constantly changing legislation and regulations. A constructive conversation with the competent authority, the neighbours, a company or another party involved or building up legal action to get attention for solving a problem. That is Mohamed. Entrepreneurship is in his blood. So he is sensitive to the interests that are or may be involved, he looks for opportunities to seize and does not lose sight of goals.

Mohamed has his heart in the right place and is socially involved. For years, in addition to other work, he has provided homeless young people with free legal advice and supported them in court with great passion and enthusiasm.

In previous positions in government, he gained experience as an administrative law lawyer at various municipalities.

In his free time, Mohamed likes to read literature and enjoy films. A terrace really acts as a magnet for him to meet friends and family. Sports are also an important part of his leisure time. Running creates space for creative solutions and brings him back to life after a day behind a screen.

Like our other attorneys, Mohamed is registered in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA).

Mohamed Abdelkader

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