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Barry Meruma

Solutions, that's what we're all about!

Barry is always on the move. As an entrepreneur and director of HABITAT Lawyers, he is constantly working on his own growth, the growth of HABITAT Lawyers and supporting the growth of others.

As a lawyer, Barry and his team specialise in environmental law in the broadest sense, at the interface between administrative law and civil law. Think of the guidance of zoning issues, environmental permits, construction and rental law and water law to companies, project developers and (groups of) individuals. In fact, anything that has to do with your business location, building or residential environment. Finding real solutions, preferably without protracted legal proceedings, when possible between the parties, is key. Is this not the case? Then litigation is important to solve bottlenecks.

A special branch of sport are cases involving houseboats. HABITAT advocaten is the in-house lawyer for floating homes in the Netherlands. Barry shares his knowledge as a columnist in the column 'Politics & Law' for Vlot Magazine and through the website www.woonbootadvocaat.nl. On the page houseboats you can read what HABITAT lawyers can do for you when you are dealing with houseboat law.

Environmental legal aid
Because of HABITAT's social commitment to combating infringements of the protection of nature, landscape and environmental interests, Barry is chairman of the umbrella organisation www.milieurechtsbijstand.nl. This is a nationwide network of specialised environmental lawyers. Are you curious how HABITAT lawyers can support environmental groups? Then start a HABITAT-Collective. For more information, see the page on setting up a group action.

Leisure time
In his free time, Barry likes to get a lot of exercise. With his family in nature, for example, or running on Texel. Mountain marathons, high mountain hiking, cycling, the list goes on. In any case, he keeps himself busy all the time.

Are you curious about Barry's working methods or would you like to schedule an introductory meeting? Then please contact us via the contact page, or call the HABITAT helpdesk on 088-2400700.

Like our other attorneys, Barry is registered in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA).

Barry Meruma
"Movement is life!"

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Professional memberships

Member of the Association of Construction Lawyers (www.vbra.nl)
Member of the Environmental Law Association (www.milieurecht.nl)

Sport and leisure

Endurance and trail running
Member of the Dutch Climbing and Mountaineering Association (www.nkbv.nl)
KNHB club referee hockey club amhc-fit