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HABITAT - Tackling nuisance AIRBNB rentals.

HABITAT - Tackling nuisance AIRBNB rentals. € 450 (incl. VAT)

vakantieverhuur overlast aanpakken


Holiday rentals in your building through an intermediary such as Airbnb or Wimdu can be a source of inconvenience for other flat owners. The board or a member of the VVE can take this first step quickly, cheaply and concretely!

What you get for this amount:

  • Proper problem and fact finding
  • Legal check of the relevant VVE regulations applicable to you
  • Formulation and discussion of a concrete step-by-step plan
  • An initial letter of application, if required
  • Insight into the process risk and cost estimate for an enforcement action


Enforcement action

For a follow-up approach, we will help you with an enforcement action by the VVE, by yourself as a member of the VVE and/or through a procedure with the municipality. The step-by-step plan offers a good basis for this.

Holiday rental

As a flat owner, making your house temporarily available as a hotel room is what large rental agencies such as AIRBNB and WIMDU - and now also smaller, local agencies - like to do.

In a tourists attracting city like Amsterdam, it seems a sure way to earn an extra living. There are already thousands of addresses to choose from and in other cities too, more and more people are offering their homes or flats in this way. Meanwhile, the downsides of temporary renting out to tourists are also becoming clearer, as it can cause considerable inconvenience to local residents. After all, an apartment building does not have the facilities of a hotel.

Supervising and monitoring the behaviour of holiday guests, preventing or resolving nuisance and damage for others, or providing access to a residential building that is normally closed. These are just a few of the possible objections. In Amsterdam, enforcement by the municipality on holiday rentals is currently not a priority.

What should you do if you and/or the VVE Board do not want to admit tourists (any more) to the apartment building?

Each owner must comply with the VVE rules applicable to the specific apartment building. Both (the board of) the association and individual owners/members of the association can, in many cases, invoke these rules if you do not want to allow holiday rentals in the building or want to put an end to a current practice of holiday rental. If necessary with the help of a possibly available internal penalty regulation or the court.

With this product, HABITAT has a clear approach and additional options for you as a VVE board, VVE manager or flat owner!

Met HABITAT-VvE kunt u overlast door vakantieverhuur tegengaan