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HABITAT - Your environment... is our specialty!

Welcome to HABITAT! Not everyone knows what environmental law actually is, while almost everyone is directly or indirectly affected by it.... environmental law is a collective term for the use of our working and living environment and the protection of our nature. This is regulated in all kinds of complex legislation on zoning plans, licensing and planning policies. But not only that. We deal daily with the administrative aspects of building plans, environmental regulations and nature conservation. For initiators of a construction plan or use of land or building, we think along with you about whether the idea fits in the existing regulations. If the government starts an enforcement action against you, we try to prevent you from being confronted with the imposition of a fine. But if you are a victim of a nuisance situation yourself, we will help you file a enforcement request, requesting a measure from the court and obtaining an enforcement decision.

HABITAT - negotiating, advising and litigating... is our specialty!

In many of the cases we deal with, it turns out to be quite possible to find real solutions with the initiator, local residents and the government involved, thus avoiding resistance and (further) litigation. If this is successful, it improves the quality of government decision-making, creates clear agreements and generates a great deal of positive energy. Citizen participation prior to governmental decision-making is the future and is close to our hearts, but it requires proper guidance and insight by those involved into the legal playing field. Litigation is important to resolve legal issues, but is also regularly used to put our client in a strong position with the government and other stakeholders.

HABITAT - close and approachable... is our specialty!

Whether it's zoning plans, environmental permits, your SME business premises, houseboats (and other floating structures) or monument or nature you want something to do with, we are with you. If necessary, with urgency. We help you with an approach, there is an easily accessible HABITAT-helpdesk for legal questions and work preparation and we have standard products in the HABITAT-webshop in which - for a modest fee - a lot of our knowledge and experience is packaged and made accessible to you. Our website provides a lot of information about our activities.

Feel free to call or send us a message, you will always get an initial response from us - free of charge - and usually on the same business day. We do more than we show on our website....

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