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Eline Janssen

Eline Janssen

As a proactive planner, Eline works closely with our lawyers and help desk staff. She prepares the dossiers, does preparatory legal research and has a lot of contact with our clients. Eline previously gained legal experience at the Benefits Recovery Organisation, where she assessed whether parents who may have been victims of the benefits affair were eligible for a compensation scheme.

In 2019, Eline completed her higher professional education (HBO) law degree at the HAN University of Applied Sciences in Nijmegen. After this, she studied International and European Law at Tilburg University. Based on her interests in the environment and climate, she decided to dive deeper into environmental law and environmental law. For example, she conducted research into the developments surrounding the new Environmental Act. At HABITAT lawyers, she will undoubtedly learn more about this!

Voluntary work
Besides studying and working, Eline has been busy with even more in recent years. As a volunteer, she was involved with Friends of the Earth, where she researched jurisprudence in the legal department. She also provided legal support to a working group at the port in Heijen. During her studies, Eline wrote legal articles for the faculty magazine SecJure, of Tilburg Law School. In any case, she is always busy.

In her free time, Eline enjoys hiking and going into nature. She also likes to go out on the terrace with friends. She has recently added a new hobby to her life: baking and cooking.

Are you curious to know how Eline cooperates with our lawyers and help desk staff from her role as work planner? Then get in touch via the e-mail address helpdesk@habitatconnect.nl, or contact us by phone at 088-2400700.

Eline Janssen

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