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Joost Rutteman

Joost Rutteman – Lawyer

I deal with spatial planning (zoning plans), environmental permits for construction and the environment, nature protection law permits and event permits.
I have been active in environmental law for 25 years.

Before I became a lawyer in 2012, I worked for Stichting Natuur en Milieu and the Zuid-Hollandse Milieufederatie. During that period, I gained particular experience with industrial pollution, the authorisation and use of pesticides and nitrogen pollution of natural areas.

The procedures I conducted led to more stringent requirements in discharge permits and admission decisions for pesticides and the establishment of cultivation-free zones to prevent water pollution by pesticides. I was also involved in the development of the programmatic approach to nitrogen (PAS).

Like our other attorneys, Joost is registered in the register of legal areas of the Netherlands Bar Association (NOvA).

Joost Rutteman
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Professional memberships

Board member of the Environmental Law Association (www.milieurecht.nl)

Member of the editorial board Tijdschrift voor Milieu en Recht