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HABITAT environmental law specialists in the Netherlands

HABITAT environmental law specialists in the Netherlands

HABITAT environmental law specialists in the Netherlands

Environmental Law and Spatial Planning Law Firm

Profile of our firm in environmental law and spatial planning law

HABITAT environmental law specialists is a law firm founded by Barry Meruma (LLM) in Amsterdam. HABITAT specializes in Environmental Law and Judiciary processes in the Netherlands. We concern ourselves with issues pertaining to living, building, environment, spatial planning, pesticides and nature-related cases. As these cases often involve multiple legal procedures with administrative bodies concerning permits, compliance and financial compensation, we offer professional legal support in guiding clients through, sometimes, complicated legal issues.

Typical legal issues in Amsterdam are issues with the municipality concerning building permits, nuisance issues or spatial planning  regulations. Since it is customary that apartment owners are joined in an Owner’s Association, so called ‘ Vereniging van Eigenaars’, legal questions can also arise on the subject of responsibility and liabilities.

We strive for an innovative solution-focused work practice in which our clients are central at all times. We have a realistic approach to the success of a case, and also to the client’s costs.

HABITAT environmental law specialists

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Mr. B. Meruma lawyer

Barry Meruma

Barry is a thoroughbred entrepreneur. He has a present-day view on how he manages his firm. As opposed to traditional offices, HABITAT only works with a digital archive, well protected. Our firm works with efficient and innovative technologies. His specialist subjects as a lawyer are spatial planning issues. He is often successful with arrangements made during the pre-trial period. Barry pursues alpine hiking and trail running in his free time.

Mr. J. Rutteman lawyer

Joost Rutteman

Joost started working as a lawyer (LLM) for several Dutch environmental NGOs. During this period, he became a specialist in pesticide law and was involved in finding a solution to the nitrogen-issues in the Netherlands. He has board experience in Owner’s Associations, which jurisdiction has also become one of his specializations. He is a member of the editorial board of the Dutch legal journal Milieu & Recht (Environment & Law). Joost also holds a MA in History. Joost is a member of a rowing club.

Mr. M. Abdelkader lawyer

Mohamed Abdelkader

Translating the case or request for help into your legal position, with constantly changing legislation and regulations. That is where it all starts for Mohamed.

A constructive discussion with the competent authority, neighbours, a company or another person involved or building up legal action to get attention for solving a problem. That is Mohamed. Entrepreneurship is in his blood. So he is sensitive to the interests at stake, he looks for opportunities to seize them and does not lose sight of goals.

Mr. R. de Leeuw lawyer

Renu de Leeuw

Renu has been working as a lawyer since 2008 and deals with both private law and administrative law issues.

For Renu, it is important that open, honest and clear communication takes place both upstream and during the handling of your case, so that you constantly know the status of your case and therefore where you stand. By approaching your case with the necessary creativity and by not being afraid to think out of the box, Renu is committed to achieving the optimal result for you.

Mr. ir. W. Jackman lawyer

William Jackman

At HABITAT lawyers, William is a specialist in the field of private construction law. Because of his technical background he is often involved in construction- and environmental issues.
From his broad experience in the world of construction law William knows exactly which issues and (legal) problems contractors and principals encounter. In the past he often had to deal with difficult building law matters in various management positions.
In his spare time William makes beautiful trips on his motorcycle, plays the guitar and is a water polo player.

Mr. S. Ouald Chaib lawyer

Salima Ouald Chaib

As a FLEX partner of HABITAT, Salima deals with matters concerning environmental law, houseboat law, and nature conservation. Salima knows better than anyone how difficult legal matters can be for the clients she supports. That is precisely why she feels it is so important to be comprehensible, transparent and honest to her clients.
In 2012, Salima completed her master’s degree in constitutional and administrative law at the Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam. It was there that her interest in environmental law developed. Salima became a lawyer in 2017. Over the years, Salima has worked at various organizations.